IVPet Sitting - There for your pets when you can't be!

Due to our quickly growing pack members, we've set up a partnership with PetSitClick. This website allows new clients to sign up online with their own information, their pet's information as well as notify our staff of any dates they require our services for. This is the easiest way to schedule with our staff. A link will be provided here so that any new clients may sign up at their own leisure.

Before a pet sit or dog walk can be scheduled, a Meet & Greet is required so that our staff can better understand the needs of your pet(s) and meet with you in person. We find that having the client meet the pet sitter before the scheduled care date gives the owner clarity and peace of mind that they know who will be working with their animals.
  After all these steps, a copy of IVPet Sitting's Policies and Procedures will be mailed to the client. This is a very important piece of information and requires that the client return the signed portion of the packet along with the self addressed envelope back to the business. This packet will detail all payment options, anything that is required of you or your pet to provide proper care as well as dates of annual pet parties for our pack.
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